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Enriqueta Mercader Saura
"Joyería Contemporánea"
Fusión de técnicas de joyería tradicional con nuevos materiales


Desde I have always felt pasión by the artesanía and handmade things, where each piece is única and different.

Pués of several years #241;os working as an engineer, decideí change everything to enter the unbelieveríble world of joyería.

Cursé Joyería Técynic studies and later the Plásticas and Diseño Higher Arts Grade Cycle at Joyería Artística.

Aquí discoversí an exciting world, a new way to understand joyería, creating únicas pieces and using all kinds of materials.


Soy Enriqueta Mercader and under this brand fusion téjoyer techniquesía traditional with the experimentation #243;n of new materials, cómo woods, plásticos, enamels, porcelain, and paper. This free choice of #243;n of técnicas and processes allows me to obtain jewelry that breaks with the everyday.

One of them is #225; handmade, taking care of every detail and embossing my personality. Obtaining jewelry únicas and limited.


All work isá done by mí.