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"Con y sin pan productos El Capellán"
Embutidos tradicionales

C/ Alamos, 18 41450 Constantina Sevilla


«Quality, constancy, the struggle to maintain the autóctona race, respect for nature and customs of the place», is the most #225 appreciated heritage that Antonio Hidalgo Arguijo acquiresó since his childhood. In 1989, he built #241; in #243 the creation #243;n of his first store Embutidos El Capellán, pasión that he has passed on to his children. Today in día, it is a family business consolidated with effort and dedication #243;n, respecting and admiring the wealth of our land, its main raw material.

Tradición, quality and constancy are the values of Embutidos El Capellán, a family business that works día día for maintaining and caring for the ibé rich breed in all its products.


In Embutidos El Capellán we produce handcrafted sausages from the pork ibérico, así as the marketing #243 of fresh meats of it, in additionás of berrenda pork in black and red, not to mention the lamb. In Embutidos Capellán #233 we also have the cured products of the pork ibé rich as hams, popsicles, caña and sausages. In accordanceáings to quality standards, our parts are #225;n certified according to #250 the New Ibé Standard; 2014 Rich, Meat Quality Standard, The Jamón, the Palette and the Loin ibérich, identified with an inviolable seal to beá of different color for each denomination ó n.

Our sausages are #225;n made following the traditional recipes of our ancestors, which gives them a very characteristic flavorístico.


Currently we make up 7 people each with their work and always with the máxima implicationsón.

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