Embotits la Gleva
"El sabor de la tradición"
Elaboración de embutidos con la mejor carne del mercado


In our land we have a very typical way of making artisan products: slowly, with dedication #243;n, careful and constant afán of improvement. It is what is known as “doing things well done”; this is precisely what we #225;we value in Embotits La Gleva. For this reason, for now more #225;s of a century and following an ancient traditionón of the “Plana de Vic”, we produce our products in the most #225 natural and artisanal way that we know: the one that we taught usñ our ancestors. After #233;s the air of “La Plana” it is responsible for curing them. The sausage resulting from this process leaves in our mouth the usual taste: that of things made at home.


At Embotits La Gleva we are aware of the importance to our health of consuming products made in a nature-friendly manner and free of products that #237; monkeys. For this reason we #243;n have created our línea of sausages produced by #243;n ecológica certified by ccPAE.


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"La gleva"

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