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Elite Merchandising
"Protección contra salpicaduras"
Mascarillas, pantallas y material de protección

Splashguard is a brand belonging to Elite Merchandising, arises from the need to produce and provide protection productsón to our customers. Due to the current pandemic #243;n situation, we have had to readaptar our production #243;n and manufacture this type of product. Thanks to our experience in the merchandising sector and having the resources of importing #243;n from origin we have been able to provide protection materials for #243;n such as masks, gloves and #225;s products to many customers and at very competitive prices.

Tambi #233&;n in our own production workshop #243;n we developed moreáscaras, screens and screens of protectionón, así as mask holder and demás products which facilitate and help protect themselves from the current situationón virulent.


We produce products that help safeguard and protect yourself from current situations. We put this type of products at the consumer's reach at a wholesale price. We understand that with this type of products you cannot speculate being a #243;n transitional situation.

Sambi&n #233 we facilitate the option of #243 customizing products as it is one of our main activities in

We expect to be able to contribute our grain of sand by facilitating access to these products at an económico price. We have made several donations of our products to various sectors on #250;blicos and will continue to do #233 so while we can.


The company is #225; made up of a team of 9 people and today and fortunately we are still the same as 3 months ago.