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The world of silk
"Productos elaborados a fuego lento, uno a uno, haciendo artículos únicos, exclusivos"
Artículos de seda natural pintados y confeccionados a mano


From año 2000 we are dedicated to painting and making artínatural silk asses, starting from our studies in arts and crafts and self-taught in terms of painting on silk.


We try to reclaim the traditions. On the one hand, the ancestral téeastern technique of #243;#243 silk and on the other, the manufacture #243;n of fans, for its history and particular charm.

Además of our imagination #243;n in the #241;#233 #241, we have also taken the learnings of the school of Abaniquería de Cádiz, where for the first time the traditional form is modified.

Our fans are #225;n made entirely by hand in all its process, we paint silk, fold it and by úI assemble it on polished wooden rods.

The whole process allows us to give the fan the clásica shape or trim it in function of #243 the #241;or desired&


The Silk World is made up of Mercedes Gaspar and Juan Sánchez, researching permanently and working in a totally artisanal way.

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