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Alex's World
"Juguetes de madera ecológicos y sostenibles creados en Barcelona"
Juguetes artesanales de madera


I'm Alexandra, the founder of Alex's world.

Make by hand, in my littleño workshop, natural wood toys surrounded by my children and nature that I like so much.

E am passionate about nature, the árboles and their meaning, but alsoén cómo we can transform them respetándolos. I like to work with respect for the environment and that's why I offer educational and ecológicos de inspiraci& #243;n Montessori to help children #241 move towards greater autonomía in their daily lives. My goal is to create toys that respect the environment and the free motor of the #241;o.

All is done with my own hands, I choose wood, short, sanding, work and module to make shapes and objects that are both decorative and lúdicos.

I attach great importance to the fact that all the materials I use in parallel are local or national, but also #233;n ecológicos, natural or recycled.


Alex's world offers a wide range of ecológicos and sustainable wooden toys created in Barcelona.
Evere is Alex's World range iś oriented for the development of the psychomotor skills of children from #771 6 months working with the 5 senses that allow to stimulate the natural development of our explorers and transmit how beautiful nature emits.
Re recycling is important to us, our goal is to give a second
portunity or other use to the materials.

The values of the world of Alex
Our main focus is first and foremost pedagógico. We create toys and educational games that allow to awaken fine psychomotority, lógica, imagination #243;n and trust in sí.

Amor for nature
The knowledge of nature, its charactersísticas, its benefits and how to respect it has been lost a lot in just one generation #243;n. We want to pass back on to our little #241;you love for the natural elements that surround us. All our toys come with an explanatory #243;n of each used wood and the features and benefits #237 of each type of árbol from which they come. On the other hand, we find the shapes, textures and colors of the woods so beautiful in their natural eState that we respect the singular carácter of each piece, dándon a decorative é #250;nica toy.

Our woods come from the montnegre flat-can sustainable forest near Montseny.


Work alone.