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The Flying Dutchman
"Cerveza artesana d'Olite desde la zona media de Navarra"
Obrador de cerveza artesana


Pués of erring 30 años by the seas of the world, in 2019 it #243 came from 2019 to the right time to anchor and perform the sueño to brew craft beer no longer as a hobby, but as a professedón.

The idea was to make quality beer, not quantity, of ahí the importance of using Lúpulo from Olite.

In the future, we will try to make all our raw materials locally sourced and of small#241;os producers in the area.


Our business consists of a craft brewer with a shop for direct sale to the público, in the Navarrese town of Olite.

Ambién we offer a wide variety of local artisan products, such as artíbeer-related asses.


The team consists of 2 people, a Dutch marriageés-Navarro.