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Ekomodo Sustanaible Company
"Accesorios de diseño y sostenibles. Para ayudarte a crear un mundo mejor"
Ropa de mujer de diseño

Recycling companies are usually limited to selling to other companies the recycled material they obtain. Eko-REC, however, is Europe's úonly industrial company that not only recycles plástico (around 6 million recycled bottles each día), but transforms that recycled material into its own products used in different sectors, such as self-#243;n, #243;n (packaging) or the textile sector.

After several research #241;#243;n and many R&D projects in the árecycling and Economía Circular, the innovation team #243 Eko-REC identifiedó the opportunity to close the cycle of materials and waste toún más, turning that recycled textile that was made in Eko-REC into products that people could use in their día día... and to do so, in addition to #225;s, betting on the designñor functionality, which take on a key role when we talk about sustainable products.

One of their first decisions, in 2018, it was to designñar and manufacture a series of products with style and sustainable (at all levels), that represented the message that, through #233;s of smallñ gestures, we can and must all CREATE a better world.

Había something new has emerged. Había born EKOMODO.


Our mission #243 is to help people and organizations create a better world, with products that are good for our customers, good for society and good for the planet. And we do so through únicos and sustainable products.

All ekomodos areán ecodiseñados for, además to generate the mínimo waste and be very durable… be 100%>

equipment EKOMODO is a universe made up of many people. Starting with the más of 120 workers of the fábrica Eko-REC, the place where we #243; our brand. Many of the millions of plástico bottles that are recycled allí are transformed into the textile we use for the design of the #241 design and #243;n of our accessories.

#233;n form a good #250;mere of people who, without working fícertainly here #237;, help us to be as we want to be suppliers of materials, workshops, information agencies#241;o…

Y, of course, also #233 EKOMODO are the people and companies that #237 confed to us to create a better world.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Since we can't get everyone hereí, then #243;n we introduce you to the people who día día work full time at EKOMODO :
David Zabala Alaba - CEO
Adriana Uribesalgo Garmendia - Creative Director
Aritz Gartzia Segurola - COO and Commercial Director
Judit Astigarraga Espeita - Director of Communicationción