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EFFE Enterprises
"El único colectivo que te convierte en prescriptor del vino del mañana"
Elaboramos vinos ante un mundo de infinitas posibilidades


In addition to 1,368 grape varieties with sufficient abundance and quality to be vinified and only 17 of these varieties account for 85% of the world's #243;n wine production. These varieties can be combined with different blends, made with different types of maceration #243;n, fermentation #243;n or aging, and mature in barrels of different noble woods or materials, así as in depósitos de acero, clay, concreteón... which, in turn, can take different forms: theípticas, ovoids, cúbicas...

We are faced with a world of infinite possibilities. So, ¿whyé should I drink él wine that the wineries determine, always according to their interests?


This was the question that arises from #243; in a #243 meeting with our main importer in the USA, when he told us that he would show us that he would find a wine made from a white grape, that would give off floral aromas and have fermented in barrels and remained in them for #243 a long period of time for aging. With hints of honey, almond, blue fruits and syrups. Balanced and elegant. With great personality high expressiveness. The prospect of making a wine of these characters was #237 not optimistic, but we took on the challenge of meeting your demand: "I don't have what you're asking for, but find #233 out how to make it for you

Does años después, we traveled to the USA with two bottles in the suitcase of a wine, aún without brand or label, made with White Grenache, fermented in Acacia barrels and having remained in them for six months of ageing with its lías. At last our client had #237;a found his wine.


That's when we understood that the complacency of people who live, love and buy wine, cannot be subject to the limitations of a winery.

Así nació the méall of work that we now call Wine DSGn Thinking, the méeverything that makes you a prescriber of mañana.