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"Objetos pensados con el corazón"
Arte y decoración para el hogar


Make four añyou decide to start a new life, radically changing from the environment to our work.

We made a cuántico jump (referring to the amount of things) because we sold almost everything we haveíwe started over by making a continent change. It didn't work out,

Así which, we consider returning again to the starting point, to España, but otherwise.

The chosen place that always inspires us and brings us closer to nature, where time does not count, the countrymen of the area are caringñosas and sociable, and you breathe green in all corners, is Asturias, north of España.

They are restoring an old house with our hands, and we have installed the workshop-study of cerámica and sculptures, where we teach workshops and explain all the processes of elaboration #243;n.

Edeltraud was Edel's grandmother, immigró to Argentina very smallña. Allí had a family of five, while working in a shop and towards sculptures. He died #243; very young because of illness, and this is our homage.


Somos an art and decoration store #243 with contemporary furnitureáneo for the home with únicos and exclusive objects.

Create each object with our hands and want to do few things but well done with a lot of cariño.

One of our slogans is: "Create seriously and less in series" because we are already surrounded by thousands of objects made equal, and we want to make objects that have the charm and footprints of the hands, where you can appreciate the difference and that that cerámica or table or chair have "soul" and have been made in a special place of the world by people who think like tú, and who want a different way of living and assume it.


Edel, in cerámica and painting.

Roberto in metal and wood.

We join forces in retrieving #243;n materials or making new objects from vintage objects.