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The story begins after three generations of confectors with “Dulces Germán”, in Montanejos and Valencia.In 1985, 

Germán Torres Peñalvert, decides to make a sueño, in the Alto Palancia, specifically in Altura, a few meters from the Cartuja de Val de Cristo, in a privileged enclave surrounded by the Sierras Calderona and Espadán, where he decides to grow quince, planting más of 900 árboles.

Así the Fábrica de Dulces “La Cartuja de Val de Cristo”.

In his love for the products of the earth, and his experience as a confector, his son,Germán Torres Bonet decidedó <2> <2>; to continue creating, making jams of tomatoes and allocorques, which leads him to innovate with the fruits of the region: figs, oranges, mandarins, pumpkins, etc.#8230; to this day with moreás of 80 products.


Working más of 80 products, using the products of the region, the province and the Valencian Community, natural without additives. Products including #225;n lasermelized, with or without azúcar; ECO jams, made with azúcaña eco or agave crystals; Gelée; candied fruits and the star product, the Quince Sweet.

All our products, are the ones that support the fact that this company is known and highly valued by the sector and its consumers inside and outside España.

Jotes we manage to create in our work an exceptional products, which arrive in the gourmet shops throughout España and to different #237 countries of the world such as Bélgica,Lithuania or France.


Somos Germán and Sacri, a couple in love with our region, with extensive experience in the world of confectioner ía, which we value the raw material that in the Comarca del Alto Palancia, is cultivated. It helps us in the workmanship, two people are loaded with the fruit, peel, boil, etc... and on the labels we have another más. At the time of crop boom, we seek someone else's help