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Dr. Creates
"Creando un mundo más bonito"
Escultura, Murales, Cuentos Ilustrados


dr. Crea is born from the unión of 2 artists jóvenes who realize their power to make their environment a more beautiful place#225;s. Working since associationism they discover the amount of things that an artist can contribute to a multitude of projects and at the doors of his studio began to appear ideas and requests of the most #225 peculiar.

Así dr is created. Create an art atelier, where creativity flows and from allí projects are born, sculpture, muralism, illustrated stories, workshops, cartoons...

Findes in the province of Burgos, they live on horseback between the city and its small townño village and transform their surroundings in search of a world a little más bello.


It is a creation workshop #243;n artística multifacético.

Our personal concerns have led us to work with many técynics, materials, supports and for públicos of the más variopinto.

Work painting, from portrait to mural, lettering, sculpture, usually focused on events, fairs and exhibitions fearáticas. 

The diseño gráfico and video #243 editing are one of our usual tools. We have edited books, catálogos así as created cartoon clips for music video clips or corporate image of companies.

Úlately alsoén we are working on stylographerías and usefulía, for compañías of national theaters.

We are specialists in understanding your idea and helping you make it happen. In this Post Market profile you canás view and acquire some of our jobs.


Somos 2 artists licensed in Fine Arts, Rachel Merino and Diego Alonso.