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Riojan distributor and exporter of oils
"El aceite de nuestra tierra"
Elaboración de aceite Gourmet


Our paternal grandfather, had been #237 a farmer and had #237;a heritage of centuries-old olive trees that were abandoned. On a certain #243, a farmer from the village asked us #243, collect the olives from our olive trees and we told him to go ahead. As a thank you he gave us a few bottles of oil and gustó so much so that the campañnext we decided to collect the olives ourselves to have oil for self-consumption. Later #241 in 2005, we decided #225 to plant #243 olive trees on one of the farms that #237 we owned and that were grown from cereal. We plant olive trees of the Arbequina variety in superintensive with the idea of producing an extra virgin olive oil of quality. From the first moment we were clear that we should #237; we bet on quality, and belong to the PDO Aceite de La Rioja


Our idea is to be able to market all our oil in premium formats, we start by marketing part of the oil we produce in Pet formats of 2 and 5 liters, but we want to focus on más small #241 formats;os focused on the gourmet market where the value is really appreciated aó #241;adido of a small #241;a very careful production.


The project is #225; made up of three brothers. The older sister Ainhoa is in charge of everything related to the legal and administrative part. The pequeña María is in charge of the image and social networks and by último, the brother pequeño José Luis, is in charge of the productionón, from the field to the commercializationón.