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Pamplonicas® comes from a project by the Navarrese artist OTTSTUFF. Moved by his gigantic passion, he caricatured with modelable paper paste to the Comparsa de Gigantes y Cabezudos in Pamplona. He later decided to redraw those illustrations by taking them to "Sanfermineras" T-shirts, but... just as I was going to throw them, the pandemic begins and the Sanfermines are suspended. You had to take the project for a spin and orient it to the "stay at home", and that's how the Pamplonica cups come up®!


Cups of the giants, big-headed, kilikis and zaldikos of Pamplona. We intend to reach anyone who loves and respects our land, whether or not they live in Navarra today, since Navarrean feeling is lived wherever they are. In fact, we have even received orders from Chicago!