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"Cambiemos las reglas"
Productos reutilizables para uso personal y cotidiano.


Devanbú is a company dedicated to craftsmanship #243 and haute couture for 30 años.

Beas we have been contributing our expertise in craftsmanship #243;n to create this collection of #243 reusable products ranging from ecológicas compresses, personal and everyday care products, up to a collection of #243;n for children for children#241;os, all with the best artisanal finish.

Our goal is to help generate less environmental waste, by changing our hábitos  and using reusable products.


Confect reusable products with natural cotton fabricsón orgánico, jute, bamb curlú, etc… quality materials, which together with a careful #243;n garment help to create long-lasting products #243;n to use daily.

Our goal is to expand our collectionón and incorporate every time más reusable everyday products and try to get there to más consumers who are #233 willing to change their hábitos to más sustainable.


Devanbú is a smallña family business.