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"Regalos importantes, para personas importantes."
Elaboración de Cosas Artesanales


¡Hello retailers! I want to tell you something about me. Comencé this adventure in early 2019, in Alcoy, when after having my second child and so many other changes in my life that made me stop and reflect, I had the right idea to decide to turn my hobby of "creating" my hobby of "creating" #243 my teacher. A professional #243;n where to create original products, that first and foremost convey what the customer wants, that they connect people and that they put a smile in the mouth of that person so important to you.


I offer creations related to the world of celebrations, #237 as important as the wedding between two people who promise eternal love, the christening of a new creature that arrives to change our children's #243 lives or communion, ó those special díass that are then left in the memory for life, gifts for your friends, for your holy mother, for your father's bonachón, for the whole family and of course, for your partner. In addition, #225 many ideas for a good authoregalo because you deserve it, period. I love it with #237 my work and your help to continue atño after año growing and creating thousands of beautiful products that transmit what the customer needs in each ocasión, sometimes that spark of joyía, in other feelings ó gratitude, but first of all that surprise with a special essence, and are then present in classes, offices, weddings, trips, annual plans, fulfillsños and all the special corners of the homes.


Mila Olcina.

Raquel Sanchez


Es una chica muy amable y te lo pone súper fácil. Tiene ideas muy bonitas .

19 Dec, 2021
Maria Hidalgo Rubio
06 Jan, 2022