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Dehydrated from the Mediterranean
"El lujo de lo natural"
Producción y envasado de productos deshidratados


On the current agricultural problemática, a group of producers and owners agrícolas decide to hold a reflexión reflexión day in Relleu (Alicante) on 18 July 2019. It covered the following points: depopulation #243;n, water and architectural and #243 jewelry. After this #233;s of this day as we have #237;we have conclusions we decided to give a value toñadido to our production #243;n además of creating jobs.

Our main objective was to launch an industry that revives employment, and brings benefits to farmers and consumer health.

We immediately focus on the idea of adding value to perishable products, dewatering products without any #250;n type of additives, preservatives, or dyes being faithful to our philosophyía, resulting in a snack of high nutritional and food value.


We are engaged in the production of #243;n, packaging and marketing #243 of dehydrated products under the brand name NAT HEY.

We use premium raw material, coming from local agriculture and mainly from our own agricultural holdings #237;queues with the seal of eco-agriculturalógica CAECV. We know our producers and know that the raw material is collected at its point óptimo de maduración. We take care of the production process #243;n and avoid inert times.

Our goal is for NAT HEY to become a lifestyle, as it is a 100% natural product, without any #250 additives or flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives, or contains traces of other types of products.

Emás important is that dehydrated products are recognized for their naturalness.


Somos a team of farmers, técynics and pharmacyéuticos, nature lovers, healthy and quality foods.

Julian Heredero Estebanez

"Facilidad y rapidez"

Buen vendedor.

12 Mar, 2021
Joaquin Gonzalez

"Todo muy fácil y rápido"

27 May, 2021