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From Forest to Home
"Consumiendo nuestros productos, apuestas por un mundo rural vivo."

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Productos de alta montaña


In October 2017 we decided to start an exciting project with the aim of highlighting forest products, but also #233;n appeal to another way of life in which respect for nature and the importance of keeping peoples to set up in #241 the mountains is important,

we are the ones who care for and have preserved our natural spaces as we know them, in perfect condition.

In the concern to guarantee a future for our people, we launched a study of identification #243;n of those products in the forest, which were manually collected in the past, work that, by the way, also #233;#237;an women.

We are located in the area of España with less pollutionón atmosférica, acústica and lumínica, which translates into products of exceptional quality. This is #241;at altitude, since at this point the vegetative cycle of plants is short and therefore they concentrate a higher percentage of substances that guarantees survival, which in turn translates into products with más benefits for our health and well-being when consuming them.


The “From Forest to Your Home” is the natural #243 collection of endóhigh-mount genos;#241;a, natural products with enormous social and environmental value.

It's a project:

  • Sustainable: we collect from the field the fruits that the field provides us. Más allá to keep our forests in care, we do not intervene in any other way.
  • Social: this project gives meaning to the activity of many collectors of our people. All registered collectors can participate in our activity.
  • Artians: the products collected are treated by hand. We use the últimas tépackaging and #243;n techniques but with the méall of them always.
  • Natural: what the forest gives. No additives, no preservatives, no #250;n añadido. Our commitment is to keep the taste of the forest unchanged,
  • Exclusive: we collect only what the forest gives and our stock depends on it.
  • Sano: Wild products are not subscribed, pest treatises or artificially processed in any way. Our products are exclusively the fruits of the forest, without moreás.
  • Exquisite: Wild fruits have little to do with those grown. The flavors are the real ones, the auténtics, that transport us to other éfew.
  • Health: Our products do not contain additives or grow using fertilizers or pesticides. Wild fruits of the high forest of the village of Orea.


We have 24 partners and partners and on the productive side we are 8 people.

La Asociación Del Bosque to your home is a women-driven social project of Orea, one of the #225 highest villages of España and the highest altitude of Castilla La Mancha. A small town of high-#241&;a, located in the Universal Mountains, at the head of the Alto Tajo Natural Park, which has thousands of hectánatural forest reas, wild pine mainly, although we also #233;n we have a presence of nigra, a testimonial presence of pinaster - of what is surely the highest altitude of España-, rebollo, yjo... In our mountainsñas several of the first tributaries of the Tagus are born.

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