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"Linen From Europe"
Elaboración de Mascarillas

Elena Llorens or what is the same dE.LENZO, has not been reinvented once but twice in the úwe have times. After founding less than one añor a brand of textiles and linens washed ecológica, in the úlast weeks, and by cutsía of the Covid-19, another of its star products are the masks hygiénicas of this material. Diseñadora gráfica, había  worked in the photográfamily laboratory for more #225;s from 25 años until the crisis took it #243 away; ahead. “I am the fruit of it, one of the many that have been reinvented”.


dE.LENZO manufactures in Alcoy, one of the cities with más textile history of España, handmade pieces for bed and home, made with 100% washed linen of European origin. At dE.LENZO we aim to be a benchmark in the manufacture #243 of household clothing made with this textile, linen.


A head of dE.LENZO is Elena Lloréns, CEO and Founder of the brand. Inés Reig, CMO and Co-Founder and Miguel Blanes, project manager of línea KIDS. All the design #241 of the brand come to life thanks to a group of professional tailor-makers.