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Brothers Arches
"Pasión por la precisión"
Cuchillos de Albacete


The first piece that marks the beginning of the company ARCOS in the año 1734, are the scissors of the brand, created by Juan de Arcos and currently located in the Museum of the Cuchillería de Albacete. This relic was donated by the owners of Arches Brothers. Además, in the Museo Arqueológico Nacional de Madrid, some pieces marked with “Arcos-Albacete”, made by Juan de Arcos in the años 1745 and 1746.

Gregorio Arcos Aroca, in 1875, convertedíto its small craftsman'#241 s workshop of #243;n of knives, scissors and puñales into a fábrica de produceón of knives in series. A century after #233;s, Gregorio Arcos Villanueva began its international expansionó. This family business is proud of its remarkable recognition and development.

Work with the idea of improving the quality of our products by taking care of the úitimo detail.


Arcos está present in más of 70 países of the world. We distribute our manufactured únicas íntegramente in España. At the #241;or we manufacture about 11 million knives, which are more #225 than 50,000 to día.


Está consisting of más of 400 people.