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A throughout the añ <3> <1>;os, we supply our fruits worldwide throughés from exporters and traders.

Cropeat is our commitment to offer our products in a better way, direct to the consumer.


We produce and grow our products by combining the traditional agriculture we were ingronized by #241 our grandparents with the última tecnología and new técnicas.

Desde the first días of our lives, we have been given #241;ado to care for the land and we inherit our pasión for the agriculture of previous generations. We all know how much effort, sweat and sacrifices needed to grow high-quality cítricos.

Nosotros we work in the field all the días, on weekends, during the holidays when it rains or in summer with strong sun and high temperatures, with the aim of knowing everything about the cultivation of our products.


Somos the third generation #243;n of cítricos farmers in Valencia.

Olivier Sepulchre

"Súper rapido"

23 Jan, 2021

Olivier, muchas gracias por su comentario

Cropeat 27 Jan, 2021
Sergio Peinado

"Recomendable al 100%"

Muy recomendable, buen trato, rápido y productos de calidad.

25 Mar, 2021

"Perfecto, todo muy rápido y buen producto"

Perfecto, todo muy rápido y buen producto

26 Mar, 2021