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Cousas from Madeira
"Talla y escultura de madera"
Tallas y esculturas en madera


Peo working with wood from a little #241; or, since I was always linked to the carpintería family, the #243;n by wood carving was rising naturally when I began to be interested in the ornamentón that you seeía in various furniture and places, with what based on trial-error and starting with the tools that #237;a in the workshop, and then gradually buying the ones that I was discovering and considering appropriate for the projects that I undertakedí a; I gradually transformed an #243;n in a trade in which I have been in more #225 than 15 años.


Me dedicated to the elaboration of #243;n and carving of all kinds of elements in wood: reliefs, sculptures, pens, lecterns, toys, lámparas and everything that I can think of.


It's a craftsmanship done by one person,

Elena Saa Espina
27 Jul, 2020
Jesus Mora Castilla

"Envio perfecto"

El producto ha llegado bien embalado y sin ningún tipo de desperfecto.

21 Mar, 2021