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Natural Alloy Cosmetics
"Tu cuidado capilar diario"
Elaboración de champús naturales


We use the idea of our father, a great scholar of plants and their properties. He is the one who instils usó the love of nature and plants.


Our business consists of the production of #243 a natural line of champús. They are champús that in their formulation #243;n all have antií da plants, that is the basis of our entire line. Then they carry other plants, depending on what to what to #233; be the champú, if for dandruff, for dry hair, oily hairs or to hydrate.


We are three sisters committed to this project.

Marta is in charge of the #237; to our customers, she takes care that the #237; or leaves our facilities and reaches our client.

Cristina is in charge of our pageáwebsite and social networks, instagram and facebook. She's the social media expert.

And Laura is the commercial, the one that always takes the teléfono, solves the doubts and if you want it manages the order itself.

Por último está D. José, our pharmacyútico and his team, with él everything is much more #225;s fácil;


"todo correcto"

todo correcto

22 Oct, 2020