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Count of Benalúa
"Porque sólo con el mejor fruto es posible elaborar el aceite más exquisito"

This merchant belongs to the association SABOR GRANADA.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Aceite de calidad desde tierras granadinas


Conde de Benalúa begins its journey in the olive sector in 1954 with a smallña mill with 60 partners.

Make 1960, and due to the insalvable difficulty of moving forward, since its small sizeño towards impossible to achieve a mínima profitability, it is decided in Assembly to give entry to new cooperativists. It is where the modernization #243 of the fábrica begins, the entire process of #225 making olive oil through mill stones and presses for #243 grinding #243 and extra-#243 extraction of olive oil begins to be more productively machined and streamlined, to store construction trujales and depósitos metálicos, at the time the concept of quality was not a priority for the company, although the sale price was considered very important.


SoDesof then has been growing with its founding partners to improve the quality of the oil from the beginning of olive harvesting #243 to the table of families; I measure the part of getting an excellent oil to improve the sensación of the Grenadine soil and get a product of máxima quality for the final consumer.


Somos a company between 30 and 50 staff workers in the different departments that make up, such as: department técnico, laboratory, packaging, tickets, #243 customer attention, commercial, marketing, shopping...

Elena Vallespín

"Correos: confianza 100% y profesionalidad 100%. Gracias!"

Todo tal y como lo indican en la página web.

30 Jan, 2021
Angel Guijarro Caballo
27 Feb, 2021
Alberto Cecilia Marín

"Sencillo proceso de compra"

El pedido llegó perfectamente. En tiempo y sin daños. Posteriormente, hemos visto el mismo producto en una gran superficie/supermercado y más barato. Pensábamos que estábamos comprando directamente al productor y estábamos consiguiendo el mejor precio. Por lo demás todo muy bien

06 Sep, 2021