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Conchita Menendez
"Chales y Fulares de Lana y Seda, abanicos y otros Slow Fashion. Complementos que te harán sentir diferente!"
Elaboración Complementos Artesanales


A from the año 2003, sentí the need to express myself through #233 the realization #243;n of textile únicas, handmade with pasión; Silk Shawls & Scarves, Merina Wool, Nuno Felt, Silk Fans... modern, elegant and color-filled pieces,
The principles that characterize me in the realization #243 of my pieces are: Energía, color, respect for the environment; very functional pieces, prácticas, timeless, beautiful and natural.
My idea is to reach people (anywhere in the world) who value things made entirely by hand, exclusive and únicas, different and original pieces.


In the workshop I make stamps to obtain silk scarf, soft and full of color and brightness.
Fielters from merina wool of español origin from rebaños trashumantes located in Extremadura and Castile and León, which are used to create felt and leather bags.
Conjunctly with silk and other wools are created the wonderful shawls, Nuno Felt scarves and scarves, worked on water, jabón and fricción, until the wool fibers are imbric in the silk fabric forming a único set.
Original wood and silk fans, full of color and made with our own imágenes.
Only pieces can be customized, collaborating with the customer from the conceptual phase to the delivery, adapting my creative process to their needs.
Colors (within the existing range), sizeño of shawls and scarls, special styles for certain events, etc.


Of now, the team formed it útechnically me. All the pieces are #241;adas and made by my,
Soy Técnico Superior in Applied Arts. Specialty in Textile Arts.
The Insignia de Maestra Artesana, granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya in the año 2012.
He taught (and I keep doing it) múltiples courses and workshops, highlighting the courses of “Stampón Advanced” taught at the Museum of The Stamping #243 of Premiá de Mar, in October 2010 and the one held for the ACTM (Asoc. Textile Creators of Madrid) in 2011.
M Leonor Vecina Vecina
08 Apr, 2021