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"Arándanos de los Picos de Europa"
Cultivo de Arándanos de forma natural y saludable en Cabrales


In the año 2009 we decided to embark on the adventure of growing red fruits, más specifically arándanos.

Our family estate of más of 200 años de antigüage está located in Inguanzo-Cabrales in the #243 heart of the Picos de Europa National Park.

The extension #243;n of our farm is 1/2 hectárea, quite small dimensions for the sector because from our company we bet on the quality of our product before the quantity.


We have about 2000 plants of 7 different varieties that allow us to have #243 fruit production from the first weeks of June to September. This allows us to have production #243;n gradually and así to optimize the quality of the collected fruit.

As we are located in a natural environment we do not use pesticides in our crop to contribute our grain of sand to the care and maintenance of the landscape and achieve #225 a product as natural and healthy as possible.


We're 2 people all year #241 and 6 in the season