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Commanders of Santiago. Grenade
"Deliciosa repostería elaborada con toda delicadeza de las hermanas Comendadoras de Santiago"
Mermeladas y dulces artesanos con las mejores recetas tradicionales


Spatic community with más of 500 años of history, focused from its orígenes to the assistance, help of the más in need and in the hospitality and welcome of the pilgrim.

A community that until now was sustained thanks to the hospedería (giving accommodation in its facilities), offering its rooms and gastronomic skillsómicas, for events and meetings, paid activities that are reinvested in canteens and social aid, on which dozens of needy families in Granada depend daily.

Our gastronomic skillsómicas están aimed at helping to defray expenses and continue with all the humanitarian projects we carry out.


Currently we sell sweets in order to maintain the foundation of the convent, así as to continue with the social work they do.


Somos between 19 and 22 sisters, since many times several times we are traveling in missions.

Olga Dapena Madrid


Tarda un solo día.

10 Dec, 2021