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Fabricación de Tablas Bodysurf


Nos often ask cómo we come up with #243; my son Carlos and mí create Colibrí Surf and craft in España handboards – handplanes for bodysurf.

I have always liked sliding sports, skated with the first Sancheski wood, skiingé in snow from very smallño, and when I arrivedó windsurfing I hookedó and monté a school in the años 80. Then came the bodyboard, surfing,…Carlos (son), is another passionate of sliding sports, esí, snow, surf, skateboard and bodysurf. She made her sister Patricia a surfing trip to the beaches of San Diego, California. On the return of the trip, I knewñphotos of bodysurfers and we appeared to beó extrañor that in España was not practiced. It is a more #225;s sport old and moreás simple than surfing, which is #243 needed very bá equipment; sico and that gives fabulous sensations. We started researching and had to learn the #233 shape techniques of shape handboards for bodysurfs and consulted with renowned American and Australian shapers. We decided that the material we liked to make the handplanes was wood and the most #225;s complicated was finding Paulownia wood.


We are making bodysurf boards for us and for friends and family. And although now the project has grown the espíritu remains the same, each handboard Colibrí Surf is única. We make each board by hand, one by one, so no 2 are the same. We sell worldwide, and in España we have our handboards in 15 físicas.

We like to#237 to see on each beach a bodysurfer with one of our handboards. We'll get wherever the wave takes us,


It is a family project in which the four of us push and disseminate bodysurfing and our particular brand. I am in the manufacture #243; my children to test in the water and my wife to the Númere.

Diego Fernández Barreiro
06 Jun, 2022

Gracias por tu comentario, Diego. Nos alegra que hayas tenido una buena experiencia con nosotros. ¡Esperamos verte pronto de nuevo!