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Coiro Enxebre
"Artesanía en cuero 100% con mano gallega"
Artesanía en Cuero


Soy Cristina Valverde, natural of Gondomar. Empecé makes más from a déeach to work leather, first as a hobby, after #233;s as a necessity to continue and do more and more #225;s things.

Monté a smallño workshop, which has become my favorite space, enjoying él every día creating artíass únicos, many of them customized.

The leather has become my life and my livelihood, Coiro Enxebre is the brand that represents me.


In Coiro Enxebre's workshop I create artíleather asses, mainly made of vegetable curtición, since #225 besides being much more environmentally #225 friendly, it is unbeliever#237;ably grateful. You can create countless objects that are functional and very durable. Hand seams give body and categoríto my creations,

I love to create to the customer's liking, it's my strong point: they ask me to run. A happy customer, proud of their purchase, is a huge satisfaction #243;n for mí.

Debajo of the umbrella of the brand Artesanía of Galicia, I try to be in the día in the new técnicas, courses, promotions, with the support that this brand gives me, bringing Galician talent to all corners of the planet.


In Coiro Enxebre's workshop there is only #225 my hands and my cariño, putting all the care in each of my creations.