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Nous Items
"Fabricantes de bisutería esmaltada"
Esmero y pasión en cada una de las piezas


Somos artisanal jewelry by vocation #243;n and by family heritage. Our father, Diego Torres, fundó the company in Ciutadella de Menorca in 1953 after forming as a silversmith and goldsmith in Barcelona and starting in the trade working as a waiter in an fábrica de bisutería in his hometown.

Timely design #241;we distribute our collections, manufactured in Menorca (España), in latón stamped and enamelled by hand, whose finish distinguishes and identifies our brand.

We have remained faithful to the professional and #237 human philosophy that our father has transmitted to us: to put care and passion #243 in each of the pieces of our collections to achieve a único and high quality product. Our pieces are #225;n design #241 by Clara Torres, faithful follower of her father's footsteps, who incorporates new creations every season into the collections of jewelryía and gift.


Colección de bisutería "Clara Bijoux"

Our hand-glazed pieces of #237;a latón printed, hand-glazed, are únicas in the world by their style. It is a very elaborate range that requires an artisanal #243;n from start to finish. Clara Bijoux's design team #241 is inspired by Art Decó and Art Noveau, among others líneas clásicas, to create the collections of jewelryía and gift items from the two líneas, clásica and fashion, which are updated every season with the últimas trends in fashion and taking care of the máximo la armonía cromática of each of the compositions.


The collections of jewelryía by Clara Bijoux, is #225;n diseñadas and manufactured by Nous Items, S.L. Company led by the sons of Diego Torres, founder of the company in the años 50. Pedro Torres is the administrator, and in charge of finance. Clara Torres is the designer #241;adora and head of sales of the collections of jewelryía. And Gabriel Torres is the head of production #243;n and gestión commercial.