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Pergara Beers
"Salva el mundo bebiendo Cerveza"
Cerveza Artesana Sevilla


The idea of the project beganó in 2015, and it became a reality in 2017 when we started marketing the first Pergaras.

Our idea has always been to create a quality product in a natural environment and through a sustainable production cycle#243;n. We are currently in the process of relocation #243 to a space assigned by the City Council of Cazalla de la Sierra, where we will soon be able to provide our clients with an experience única in an environment único.


The #243;n Pergara, our way of understanding that we can change our environment and our world through #233 our favorite drink.


We started 2 friends and now we are 4,

Cada performs a key #243 function of gestión, commercializes, #243;n, provisioning and logística.