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Square Root Beer
"Cerveza que nace de la simbiosis entre el Hombre y la Naturaleza."

This merchant belongs to the association AVILAGRO.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Cervezas artesanas de Ávila


We are the 4ª #243 genera;n of our family that we ferment the cereal. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of bakers, we have now añadd a little moreás of water to the dough to make quality craft beers.

In 2008 we started our journey making real beers at home, and we have been perfecting the técnica, equipment and recipes until in 2017 we went professionally to share our #243 passion with the rest of the world.

In Españwe know some wines, but there is much to discover about real brewing culture and its hundreds of varieties. And that's what craft brewers are for. We want to contribute our grain of sand and generate culture through local and quality beers.

And qué better place to do it than from our village, El Barraco, using the water from the rí or Alberche basin to provide that special carácter that Raíz Square beers have.


We are a craft beer fábrica located in El Barraco, Ávila. We brew quality beers based on our experience and #243;

Our intentions are #243 to offer a product that does not exist in the regional environment so that the consumer can choose and choose from a wide range of natural beers totally different from what the big brewing industries have to us.

We consider them Author Beers, since the people who make them are very influenced by the end result, transmitting to the customer some of our essence as people and as beer lovers.


Are two brothers in charge of this project, Héctor e Israel García Sánchez.

"Mi compra en Correos Market"

Todo muy claro y ágil.
Muy profesional, sin sorpresas.

17 May, 2020
Sergio Peinado

"Recomendable al 100%"

Envían sus productos muy rápido y muy bien empaquetado.

30 Nov, 2020