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Asgaya Organic Beer
"Cerveza ecológica asturiana"
Primera cerveza ecológica de Asturias


Vanessa, Paul and John were several añthey worked in greenhouses in ecológico, Ángel workedó in a beer #225 in Germany, at one point they began to talk about staging a production #243;n that linked ecológico with beer and ahí nació Asgaya in the añor 2017.


Cerveza Asgaya is the first and única ecológica beer of Asturias. We decided to bet on the production #243;#243;gica not only for environmental sensitivity but #233 also as a way to support a system of #243;n raw materials in which the rights and conditions of its workers are respected. We are concerned with knowing the source of the raw material of your beer, always seeking to support rural and local initiatives, which set populations #243;n in the middle.


We are four partners, John, Vanesa, Ángel and Paul. The model of society that we form is that of Cooperative because we want to work in a common way#250;n, which is a challenge in our society and economics #237;a current, but we believe that another form of work is possible.

07 May, 2020
Ramón Alvaro Hernández Leal

"Muy rápido y facil"

09 May, 2020
Carlos Paradela


Exquisita IPA, entrega en plazo, muy cómodo. Felicidades por el producto!!!

11 Jul, 2020
Bernardo Riego Amezaga

"Muy buena"

Ninguna todo perfecto.

29 Mar, 2021
Ismael Guerra Sanchez

"Rapido y muy comodo."

Te pones en contacto con el repartidor para la entrega en el momento que quieres.

15 Nov, 2021