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Castreña Beer
"Venga, la última y nos vamos…"
Cerveza artesana ligada a la tierra y a la tradición


Our pasión is beekeeping and craft beer. As beekeepers and beer enthusiasts, in 2015 we created Castreña, an artisan beer linked to the land and the traditionón.

We'll try to give these two sectors a spin. Castreñ beer;a is perseverance, it is innovation#243;n, it is traditionalón and is an autéethical pleasure.


We use nómadas already four #241 a&<2> <2>;os with lots of 200 L. Four months after #233;s we move to 500 L. And in less than one año at 1000 L, starting in 2019 the works of expansion #243 of our new fábrica.

Thuring us with every drink brewing beer with craft honey, quality beer,


So four, but Castreña is a lot of more #225 people. We are very lucky to be surrounded by great people who roll up their shoulders and always have Castreña in their mouths


The formed Carlos Fernandez Ramón, Nerea Rodríguez Gavela, Jesús Arias as disseñador gráfico and Marcos Ybarra Cubelos as informático.

"Súper rápido"

El producto llegó a tiempo y perfectamente embalado.

09 Jan, 2020

¡Muchas gracias por la valoración! Nos alegra que te haya gustado.

Correos Market 09 Mar, 2020
Javier Macias
12 Feb, 2021