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Quintanilla Brewery
"Cerveza Rural"
Elaboración Cosas Artesanales


Beer Vereda is a rural and natural beer, is á made with elements of fenceía and created with pasión and care throughout the process.
In Vereda we form a conscious team with the product and the environment, we are almost self-sufficient, we have the privilege of harvesting our own ingredients. Behind our #225 beer there is something more than #225;s that a product, you can observe, feel, smell and finally enjoy.
We want to maintain real brewing culture; share, taughtñar and continue to learn the artisanal processes of this ancestral concoction.


Vereda is a project that joins two lines, the manufacture of beer #243;n and a charming Casa Rural, from which you can see the whole process of brewing #243;n of beer and the día día de la fábrica.
The Rural House and the building where the fó #225;brica de Vereda is located has más of 150 años antigüage; Jesusa and Alejandro, our great-grandparents, were their builders and it is hereí, between these four walls, where they formed their life.
During the año 2020 was restored and today it is & #225; destined as turístico accommodation and the #243 elaboration of craft beer.
The original details of the old house and the walls that have made this building stand today; cariño and care have been the key líneas for decorate this space where each object tells its story and that of its creator.


As of today#237, the team is formed by 5 people, three of us project builders and two contracted people.