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Rambleña Ceramic Tiles
"La tradicional cerámica de La Rambla al alcance de todos"
Productos nacidos del barro de La Rambla

This mark, under the current direction #243;n begins its journey in September 2019. Work begins on the development of its own website and exploring all possible channels to bring to everyone the cerámica de La Rambla (Córdoba).

From the beginning, the idea that drives this brand to launch itself to the market has been to collaborate in the disseminationón, #243;n and commercial #243ity of the traditional cerámica rambleña as #237; as well as its new expressions in designñ <1> <1>;os modern.


This brand is dedicated to the marketing #243 of products of a wide selection #243 of the best artisans of La Rambla (Córdoba), as #237 well as the realization of #243;n artesania ad-hoc según the needs transmitted to us by our customers. Allowing the customization of #243;n or #243 exploration of new artíasses.

Our goal is to take the name of La Rambla and its #225 cer&;mica to any place in the world where the mud turned into art is appreciated.


Cerámica Rambleña is fiscally supported by one person. However, over time, I hope that this project will be able to be added moreás people directly hired directly CR.