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Castellano Jewelers
"Tú imagina la joya, nosotros la hacemos"
Joyería tradicional especializada


Castellano Joyeros was founded in 1,888 in Badajoz (Extremadura). Being a private property and traditionally managed and in a family way, it is today constituted as one of the most #225 important firms of the governing #243, éxito that was achieved atñor after #241;or thanks to the effort and dedication #243;n of its founder and successors. 

Tú you have an idea, we draw it and design itñwe take on your favorite jewel, quality and originality at the best price. 


Our business is based on the jewelería specialized. Traditionally and manually, we want to bring our parts to the spañol and European market. Extreme Mark First-Hand. 


Actably the company #241;ía est #225&; consisting of a team of 30 workers, artisan jewelers, #241 design&<1>;adores, online team, #243;n to the públic in our stores, etc. 

Directed by the Castellano family, professionals have been incorporated into the artisan workshops and the innovation team #243;n.