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Carelia Petits Natural Care
"Cosmética Natural y Orgánica para toda la familia"
Cosmética natural concebida con mucho mimo y esmero

Carelia was born in 2013 as a result of the concern of its director and founder, Inés Navas, to care for the máximo the health, safety and well-being of her daughters.

Inés, aware of the importance in the skin care of the más small;#241;os, wanted to offer its own daughters the best natural product, free of harmful substances.

Y así is like developingó for them an línea of champú and gel, moisturizing body milk, bá cream;msamo pañal and colony water able to take natural and deep care for the skin of their daughters, while providing them with the pleasure of a soft and enduring fragrance in the memory


En Carelia, cariño and protectionón acted as a premise in all its development, incorporating the active ingredients más healthy for sensitive skin care.


A range of natural cosmética products conceived with great care and care, in close #243 collaboration with experts dermatólogos, for drinkingés and ni #241&<3> <9>;os, even for those who need special care for having skins atópicas or hypersensitives.

Cosméessential high tolerance, exquisite textures and smells. Free of tóxics such as parabens, mineral oils or other additives that we consider unnecessary.

  1. Sówe use ingredients of proper affinity with the skin, with fóselecci-based cellsón and #243 combination of natural plant extracts. The health of our children's skin depends on the substances we apply to them

  2. We remove from our formula#243;n all superfluous ingredients that are not necessary to care for the skin.

  3. The preservative system is the mínimo necessary to ensure the quality of the product.

  4. Our products have undergone repeated checks and evaluations by dermató experts;logos and pediatricians. Tested on volunteers with sensitive skin and atópica, they were able toébeing confirmed their High Tolerance and Proven Efficacy.

  5. We have the certification #243;n and trust of the prestigious Clínica Dermatológica de Moragas, industry reference and specialists in estética, dermatologyía clígeneral nica, dermatologyía oncológica and dermatologyía tropical.

  6. We want to use fragrance that has been carefully selected for its absence of alérgenos and delicate aroma. Early childhood olfactory memories occupy a privileged place in the brain. ¿Quién has never felt that a smell of the niñez has transported you to a pleasant memory of the past?

  7. The packaging is made with HDPE, glass and cartó bottles that do not release toxins and are easily recycled. Its dosing system protects its contents from any contamination #243;n with finger contact, while facilitating its application #243;n.

  8. Reachance under the new regulations #243;n (EC) nº 1223/2009 of the Parliament and European Council on products cosméticos.

  9. Our laboratories are #225;n certified to ISO 9001:2008 in the #243 Manufacture of Cosmétic Products and with the ISO standard 22716:2007 #237 Good Factory Prá#243;n Of Cosméticos Products.

  10. Formulated with nature and manufactured in España with much love.


We are a team of professionals and dermatólogos with the espíritu and the promise of trying to achieve the best natural, healthy and sustainable cosmética for the skin care of the whole family, especially the más small #241 house, drinkés and #241;os; Sóit with respect, responsibility and honesty, for a more #225 skin and world.

15 Apr, 2021