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Gredos snails
"Naturalmente buenos"

This merchant belongs to the association AVILAGRO.
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Cría de caracoles desde Arenas de San Pedro


Caracoles de Gredos was founded in 2012 with a lot of illusión and after #233;s of a long form #243;n in heliciculture. Its founder, already in 2007 finishing his studies as Engineer Técnico Agrícola at the Politécnica University of Madrid, presents as a project end of career an exploitation #243;n of snails. Después continues its experimental #243 work with these molluscs until, in 2012, #243 it built the first snail farm in the province of Ávila.

¿Dówhere are we?

Our farmón is located in Arenas de San Pedro, a village in the province of Ávila south of the Sierra de Gredos. The farm where the fattening fields are located is á surrounded by a stream where its waters come directly from the mountains ensures #225;ndose the purity of these. This site brings with it an idóneo ecosystem for the good development of our molluscs.


Caracoles de Gredos is engaged in the marketing of Hó #233;lix Aspersa Müller (bover) as they are the más appreciated in the market. It is #225; registered in the register of Livestock Farms, REGA, with código de explotación ES050140000192 in accordance with current law.

In Gredos snails we perform the complete cycle: cría (specialized rooms heated so that our best specimens perform the reproduction #243;n), fattening fields (in our greenhouses we create an idóneo ecosystem for our snails to reach the appropriate tamaño with its hard shell and white meat), and purging and storage room (where for 15 días we purge the snail and store it in cámaras de frío for later sale).


Caracoles de Gredos está composed of two people, Francisco Javier Fernández Feliú and Ana Gómez Esteban.