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Natural cosmetics

Camellia Cosmetics Ecólogica
"CAMELIA Cosmética Ecológica"
Elaboración de Cosas Naturales


Make it más from 5 años we started this journey by opening a cosmética ecológica store in Santiago but dedicated exclusively to the sale of Galician camellia oil  and its products. As time went by we were making our own products with this oil. And creating our own brand.


Mos are moving towards expanding our own brand. And as the demand grows and creates más products. We are in the historicórich hull of Santiago and we are a strategic #233 point of sale to national and international tourists. At first we only focusedáwe were selling in our own store, but as time goes by people demand us and we have to distribute through other channels so that all our buyers have access through other vías.


Soy me alone. With my ideas.