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omos four partners, we carry in the innovation sector #243;n, #237 technology and services more than 20 años, developing our career from large cities Españolas (Madrid, Valencia, León and Alicante), in large projects for large multinationals.

At the beginning of 2020, we are committed to a new concept of company, decentralized from the great cities.

Instalment of our company's headquarters #241;ia, in Oncina de la Valdoncina, sinña localidad Leonesa, on the Camino de Santiago, of 36 inhabitants, with another "vital rhythm" .

We encourage our efforts to develop and market, smallñas great solutions, that make our customers' lives safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly, implementing novel and disruptive solutions to old problems.


We offer technológicas solutions in 3 very differentiated branches of activity, but closely linked to each other, in the concept of innovation and #243;n and efficiency.

- Environmental Health and Safety Solutions: Offering technologicalógicas to desafíos such as disinfection of #243 spaces and surfaces, control of access to enclosed spaces and sensorization #243 of air quality .

- Generation Solutionsón and Energy Efficiencyética: Developing and manufacturing Measurement and Control Systems ético, así as promoting and installing photovoltaic self-consumption plants and recharge points for vehíasses eléctrico, mainly in the rural world.

- Recreation Solutionsón and Space Availability, both real and fictional, in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Tours environments, under technologyía 3D. Virtual Fairs, Markets, efímere/temporary, or permanent where virtual reality, is linked to the últimas tecnologías of e-comerce and communications .

Our goal is to consolidate the project and have sustainable growth that continues to generate a pole of #243;n of talent and capital, to the environment where we have settled.


Somos 4 founding partners, with a very long history in the world of technológico R&D&I, electrónico /mecánicas facilities, and business and service development for companies.

Miguel Angel Calpe, Antonio Santos, Pablo Roberto and Juan Salguero, lead, together with their different teams: commercial, R&D&I, económico and legal facilities and advice, this ambitious project of technológico.