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Cal Sileta Ecologic
"Somos sostenibles, amamos la tierra"
Aceite artesanal sostenible


The oil ecolóextra virgin gico Cal Sileta has its origins in the drylands of the Vall del Corb, in the town of Vallbona de les Monges, Lleida. We are located in an area where the main crop is that of olive. With the intention of seeking a specialization #243;n and an improvement of the final product, we decided to start a process of reconversión ecológica of our lands.


Our project aims to complete the cí#243;n own production between agriculture, #237;a and proximity sale. In this way we can offer our customers a sustainable #243;n production based on:

  • The harmony #237 of the natural resources of our environment
  • Sustainability (soil #243;n conservation, weed control, care of hydroáulic, animal and plant resources).
  • The #243 obtained ecológicos and quality products.


Cal Sileta is a small #241 family business of three people

Carlota García Ahlers
05 Dec, 2020