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Café Santa Rosa
"Siente su Aroma y viaja con su taza de café"
Elaboración Café


It is a family business that arises from ó in the años 70 with the aim of giving the world to café to the Burglars as well as offering them a high quality drink with extraordian flavors with which to dissurption and coat something as everyday as café.
Our company wanted to bring the products closer to the consumer in 1992 opened its shop of "Cafés and Tes de Ultramar ", to meet the público burgalés the best cafés and teas that come from another side of the sea for
aborea them, know them and be able to enjoy in all their fullness. Since then we have been transmitting all of us who know this wonderful té and café.


We have a wide variety of coffeeés of high quality, selected in the best farms. From robust varieties of more body to arábica varieties with great nuances of flavor. In addition to different blens with which we get an excellent and inimitable mixture. All maintains a traceability from the farm and variety harvested to the date of roasting.
Make a traditional artisanal toast of our cafés from the experience transmitted so many años. We do this once a week so that the grains are freshly roasted and retain their maximum freshness, allowing our customers to appreciate all their nuances that a café quality offers. In this way we get an exclusive único flavor with expert aroma that awakened all its senses.


We are a small #241;family (4 people). We belong to the 2ª or 3ª generations of roasters.

21 Feb, 2021
Fernando Rodríguez Estévez

"El pedido llegó muy bien y muy rápido."

31 Mar, 2021
Juan Antonio Montes Giraldez
21 Apr, 2021
Nieves Rodriguez Oviedo


El envío ha llegado rapido y muy bien embalado

14 May, 2021
Alba López


El producto llegó muy rápido y muy bien preparado. Se incluía una carta explica el cambio de imagen del producto y se incluía un gel hidroalcohólico de regalo.

26 May, 2021
Joaquin Gonzalez
27 May, 2021