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Boga Garagardoa
"Euskal Garagardoa - Basque Beer"
Elaboración de Cervezas


Somos jóvenes and nonconformists, convinced that another world and other brewing culture is possible. That's why we decided to go out to sea and embark on a collective adventure with our own name: Boga!

The sea is part of our culture and has a close relationship #243 with gastronomyía and Basque sport. Alsoén is símbolo and metáfora de la cerveza for its millennial nature, the strength of its waves, its freshness, etc.

Además, the Boga brand connects with the beginnings of our history, when 10 añ we started brewing the first liters of craft beer for various social centers in Bilbao. In the same place where we tried to #225;we generated a smallña leisure and productive alternative to the monopoly of the brewers, yacía graffiti by the famous Niño de las Pinturas that expressed very well the espíritu of our business project: A trainera de jóvenes paddling with the strength of the team, protagonists of its own history, with the illusión of facing the future and changing everything around them.

The ingredients are as básicos as our principles. Water, malt, lúpulo and yeast. That mixed with joyía offer a Basque beer, natural and committed socially and environmentally.

The journey beganó in 2014 with the constructionón and commissioning of the shipío that allows us to...#243; sail strongly from the coast Vizcaína to go after the #233 seas throughout the world.


Our fábrica está located in the municipality of Mungia, near the Biscay coastína and the ámetropolitan area of Bilbao. It has a production capacity of 160,000 L/año. 2,000 L #243;n, four 4,000 L isobárich fermenters and one línea automática bottling. It currently packages 33cl. bottles, stainless steel barrels, así as key keg. To get to know moreás up close the #BogaFactory we offer you some imágenes and of course we invite you to come and visit us.


Boga Garagardoa is a cooperative composed of 7 workers:


Sponsible productionón

Combinación of science and art. She is responsible for the áreas that involve the #243 production of beer: design #241;o of recipes, process care, packaging and quality control.


Distribución and commercial

Sintre the fábrica and clients. It is responsible for our beer coming to fruition with distributors, always in direct contact with our customers


Logística Responsibility

A both sides of the value string. Controls everything that happens in the production process and packaging. It manages the storage #233;n, the técnico service and strengthens the distribution network #243;n


Marketing and Sales

The visible face of the company. One of the culprits of spreading our flavor through the corners of Euskal Herria and the rest of the world. Responsible for the #241;o, communication #243;n and promoción of the brand.