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"Isabelo, el vino de mi bisabuelo"
En Fuensalida, conservamos y hacemos fructificar los viñedos


Son generations, our great-grandfather Isabelo plantó the first viñas.

The story that, with so much effort and work, beganó Isabelo makes moreás of one hundred years,#241;os, we continue to writeéndola today in the form of wine. In Fuensalida, town of Toledo, we preserve and make fruit the viñedos, so that tú, that you live quickly in this modern world, you can make a stop on the way and enjoy the stillness and peace that contains each glass of “Isabelo”, the wine of my great-grandfather.


To the Peñ family is dedicated to the cultivation of #241 wine and the production #243 wines. Ours is already the fourth generation #243 of winemakers, but we have recently started bottling our wines.

Our goal is to publicize our work and be able to reach anyone who is #233; interested in caring for nature and likes the flavors "of antaño".

Currently we grow many different viñedos and múltiples grape varieties, but we bottle only those grapes that can give excellent wines.


The company is #225; formed by the Peñ a family, our parents and the two brothers, Laura and Santiago. At specific times such as pruning or harvesting, we hire staff to help us with the work of the field.