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Ruchel Wineries
"Cinco generaciones cuidando la viña y elaborando vinos"
Vinos con D.O. Valdeorras


From five generations ago our family is dedicated to the care of the vine and the elaboration #243;n of wines.

In the años 80 the family planted godello, a variety with less production #243;n per hectárea and más quality in aromas than those planted in the area after #233;s of the phylloxera: alicante and sherry.

With the idea of this continuation of #243 family legacy and our heritage we founded the winery. And in those early years #241;we share with other pioneers, the invaluable work of extending the knowledge of Godello grapes outside Valdeorras and Galicia.

This background we have reflected it in a way of making traditional wine. I mean, we work the #241 carefully without forcing it. A few #241 characterized by the mini-founder. The small plots #241;as on the hillside with large stoneítica or s rock.


With these carefully achieved grapes, we have made our wines without being affected by passing fashions or efímere. By controlling the wine without addictions that distort the typicity of the varieties and carrying out continuous tastings to check the #243;n of the wines, we evaluate their correct elaboration #243;n and qualify #243 in the appropriate brands.

With these bases we produce two types of wine, of the variety Godello and Mencía, in which we highlight its typicality and sincerity of the terruño. And in addition to #225;s, special wines for their fermentation #243;n in barrels, maturation #243;n with lías, aging in barrels, ... but sólo in the right añadas and grapes, it is amplía así the expressive #243;n of vairedad with a elaboration #243;n más sofiscicada.

All these struts serve us to bottle our wines covered in the D.O  Valdeorras with the brand Ruchel and Cova Baladal


Are we two brothers, sons of the founder of the winery,

One dedicated to the #241;edo and another to the commercial #243;n. Both with the same base, looking in the same direction #243 but with different eyes,

Josep Antoni Moyà Moll
11 Aug, 2022

¡Muchas gracias por tu valoración Josep Antoni! Nos alegra que tu experiencia con Bodegas Ruchel haya sido buena.
¡Esperamos verte pronto!