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Bodegas de Fuente Reina
"Vinos con historia"
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Viñedos de la Sierra Norte de Sevilla


Bodegas de Fuente Reina was founded in 1998. Óscar Zapke e Íñigo Manso de Zúñiga, entrepreneur and inólogo respectively of northern España, when the former discoveredó the Sierra Morena Seville as antiquísima región vitivinítail española. An old ruined farmhouse, located between Constantine and Cazalla de la Sierra, housed inside an old lagar and cellar of the seventeenth century. Investigating the history of the building, we discovered that the #243;n hab #237&;a arrived to house 3452 Ha de viñedo and 700 lagars similar to ours, as demonstrated by the catastre of Pascual Madoz of 1835. And is that the Sierra Morena, located at an average altitude of approximately 600 m above sea level, with its sandy and sillandsíceas on slate bottoms and its moderate climate and strong amplitude térmica, constitutesó always a ámbito no fácil, but sí very suitable for the cultivation of quality fruit since the time of the Roman Constantia Iulia. In the año 2000 the viñedo is replanted based on 4 red varieties and in 2002 we carry out the first harvest. To this day #237 we have produced some 700000 kg of grapes, focusing our production #243;n on the 50000 bottles per year.

Therefore, in addition to these positive geoclimáethical conditions to the existing histórich support, sóit was lacking to provide the technologyía enológica present at the service of a coherent project for the restoration of the production #243;n wines, in this case reds of quality and differentiated personality. Our previous experience in other more consolidated regions, directs usó from the beginning to the creation #243 of a paid wine in a región viníemerging tail, whose personality was modeled by the terroir itself, wines to discover more allá of the dispute by a standardized customer to the taste of mass consumption. An Oak, the FunduS, a breeding, the Reina Fountain, and a reserve, the Beraun Tower, represent the different personality that each payment of the viñedo contributes to the winery.


Our activity is reduced to obtaining the máxima quality of our viñedo, always preserving the identity of the area. An I.G.P. “Sierra Norte de Sevilla” covers us as wines of recognized quality or Wines of the Earth and más of half millón bottles marketed in Seville, País Vasco, Germany, Switzerland or Japón, #225 in addition to the many final consumers, fond of discovering different products relying on their own instincts, show that every time moreás we are getting the way to go.


Our team is made up of five fixed people and therefore the control of the process from the strain to the bottle, is in few hands. A fixed team of women and men from Constantine, help us as possible in pruning, deniedging, harvesting and other work that require intense work in a short space of time.

As a fixed workforce, the team formed it Óscar Zapke, Emilio Caballero, Pascual Ruiz, Mónica and Serafín.

Fernando Rodríguez Prieto

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30 Sep, 2020
Fernando Rodríguez Prieto
05 Oct, 2020