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Bodegas Chapeu Wines
"El mejor vino de La Rioja"
Elaboración de Vino


Pués of a long history dedicated to the world of wine, both brothers decided to undertake our project in Alfaro, La Rioja, in 2015 creating Châpeau Wines. Start by #243 being a distributor, coordinator and commercial representative of different producers at the national level, presentándonos as partners in vitivinísmall queuesñas dimensions, wineries with which we share philosophyía and illusión for helping them grow both in the domestic and international market.


Today at día at Châpeau Wines we continue to maintain our initial essence, carrying out the national market to smallños producers with a philosophyía based on the good treatment of the product from the viña to the bottle, acting as its commercial department and coordinating its distribution #243;n and logística, providing support and providing distributors with all our resources. In additionás, we are producers and distributors of our own creations, distributors of Coravin and Lavazza, and creators of the multifunctional space ’Petit Comité’ in Alfaro.


Álvaro and Javier Usarralde.
26 Jan, 2021