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Martín Berdugo Winery and Vineyards
"Vinos elaborados con esmero y respeto por la tierra."
Elaboración de Vinos


Old documents discovered in the family archives show that our #243 south orientation farm, located on the banks of Río Duero, east of the village of Aranda, has been used for detailed studies on vine cultivation for at least 200 años.
The current plantations began at the end of the déevery 1980s. For the año 1990 our 87 hectáreas de viñedo own single payment habían taken shape. Today in día, after #233;s of 30 años, there has come a time when the age of the #241;edo begins to pay quality dividends, according to #250;n match all


During the first years #241 growth of the viñedo we sold our grapes to other wineries. Ráorderly it became clear that our viñedo was able to concentrate special flavors and aromas on the grapes. From that moment on, our focus has #243; in harnessing this potential to make wines increasingly more and #225 more identifiable and special.
Anticipating the moment when the grapes of the viñedo become exceptional, #237 is builtó a modern winery next to the viñas in the año 2000. In 2014, after the fire caused by lightning, it is reconstructed to be able to use gravity in the movement and processing of the grapes.
Thee méeverything is más soft and less intrusive, so that it protects the máximo the quality of the fruit.


We have a talented team of experts, each of them is a passionate lover of good wine.