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Bodega Huellas del Tiétar
"En Huellas del Tiétar, recuperamos viñas de ayer para elaborar vinos de hoy"
Vinos de parcela en la Sierra de Gredos


Huellas del Tiétar is a project born in 2013 by the hand of Feliciano Conde and a few friends with the aim of slowing down the start of almost centenary vines due to the lack of generational relief and the impossibility of his viñtodors of “living grapes”.

It was a real shame to see cómo was tearing off the fruit of several generations of hard work, much cariño and infinite illusión. Así we undertake this wonderful and risky journey that transports us to a #241 small town called Lanzahíta, located in the #243 heart of the Tiétar Valley, south of the province of Ávila and sheltered to the north by the Sierra de Gredos.

During four intense añwe got to know the land, our viñedos and we recovered the potential of them to take the next big step: to create the Huellas del Tiétar.

These same año 2017 we joined the Denomination of #243 Protected Origin of Cebreros to start being part of a wonderful family of smallños and almost heroic winemakers and winemakers.


A día today we aim to place the Tiétar Valley and the Sierra de Gredos as a reference in high quality wines intended for a consumer looking for experiences outside the traditional market and that values local labor and work, respect for the environment, #237 philosophy and quality of the final product.


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